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This website uses cookies to improve the user experience. Below you will find information on what cookies are, what type of cookies this site uses, how you can disable cookies in your browser and how to specifically disable the installation of third-party cookies. If you do not find the specific information you are looking for, please send an email to

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that some platforms, such as websites, can install on your computer, smartphone, tablet or connected TV. Their functions can be very varied: storing your browsing preferences, collecting statistical information, enabling certain technical functionalities, etc.

Why do we use them?

Cookies are useful for several reasons. From a technical point of view, they allow web pages to work more agile and adapted to your preferences, such as storing your language or your country’s currency. In addition, they help website managers to improve the services they offer, thanks to the statistical information they collect through them and serve to make the advertising we can show you more efficient.

How do we use the different types of cookies?

Session cookies: Session cookies are those that last the time the user is browsing the website and are deleted at the end.

Persistent cookies: These cookies remain stored in the user’s terminal for a longer time, thus facilitating the control of the chosen preferences without having to repeat certain parameters each time the website is visited.

First-party cookies: These are cookies created by this website and can only be read by the site itself. For example: technical cookies for image loading, cookies for customizing web parameters, traffic analysis cookies, etc.

Third-party cookies: These are cookies created by third parties that we use for different services (e.g. website analysis or advertising).

According to their purpose:

Technical cookies: Technical cookies are those essential and strictly necessary for the proper functioning of a Web portal and the use of the different options and services it offers. For example, those used for session maintenance, response time management, performance or validation of options, use of security features, sharing content with social networks, etc.

Personalization cookies: These cookies allow the user to specify or customize some features of the general options of the website. For example, set the language, regional settings or browser type.

Analytical Cookies: Analytical cookies are those used by our Web portal, to elaborate browsing profiles and to be able to know the preferences of the users of the same in order to improve the offer of products and services. For example, an analytical cookie would be used to control the geographic areas of greatest interest to a user, which product is the most popular, etc.

Advertising cookies: Advertising cookies allow the management of advertising spaces based on specific criteria. For example, frequency of access, edited content, etc. Advertising cookies allow through the management of advertising to store behavioral information through the observation of habits, studying the accesses and forming a profile of user preferences, to offer advertising related to the interests of your profile.

What cookies do we use on our website?

The cookies used on this website and whether they are our own or from a third party are detailed below.





wfvt_919258593 protects the Web site against attacks 30 min.
wfwaf-authcookie-bf05695df8dadbc793c966d7d374659d protects the Web site against attacks 12 h.
wordfence_verifiedHuman protects the Web site against attacks 24 h.
wordpress_logged_in_8a66fba303a93b1ca0da095b9c0c44dc WordPress at the end of the session
wordpress_sec_8a66fba303a93b1ca0da095b9c0c44dc WordPress at the end of the session
wordpress_test_cookie WordPress at the end of the session
wp-settings-1 WordPress one year
wp-settings-time-1 WordPress one year
_ga Web analytics Goggle Analytics two years
_gat Web analytics Goggle Analytics one minute
_gid Web analytics Goggle Analytics 24 h.

How can I change my cookie settings?

If you do not want to allow any Flash Player data to be stored, uncheck the “Allow Flash content to store information on your computer” and “Store common Flash components to reduce download times” checkboxes. If you want to limit the amount of data collected by flash applications slide the indicator on the bar of the global storage settings panel to the desired position.

These browsers are subject to updates or modifications, so we cannot guarantee that they will be completely adjusted to the version of your browser. You may also be using another browser not covered by these links, such as Konqueror, Arora, Flock, etc. To avoid these mismatches, you can access them directly from your browser options, usually in the “Options” menu in the “Privacy” section. (Please refer to your browser’s help for more information).

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