Installations for Self-consumption of energy

There are two types of self-consumption installations in homes, grid-connected or off-grid, which are called stand-alone.

A self-consumption installation consists of producing our own electrical energy by taking advantage of the solar radiation captured by photovoltaic solar panels. This is currently a very cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

Grid Connected Self-consumption Installations

Grid-connected self-consumption installations have two connections, one to the home’s electrical system and the other to the electricity supply company’s grid. This system ensures that the house will always have electricity even on days of low photovoltaic production.

Isolated Self-consumption Installations

In the case of isolated self-consumption facilities, there is no connection to any electrical grid, so it is necessary to have an alternative system to store energy, such as batteries or an electric generator.

A self-consumption installation consists of solar panels, a solar inverter, the support structure and the wiring. You can also count on power optimizers, energy meters, storage batteries and electric vehicle charging devices.

Both grid-connected and stand-alone installations can produce surplus energy. In the case of grid-connected installations, these surpluses can be discharged into the electric company’s grid and obtain economic compensation for it, and in the case of off-grid installations, these surpluses are stored in batteries to be used by the owner when needed.

Grants and Subsidies for Self-consumption with Renewable Energies

Currently there are different aid and subsidy programs at both state and regional level to encourage self-consumption and storage with renewable energy sources. These grants are limited and are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Instalaciones Arroyo is accredited as a collaborating company of the Junta de Andalucía to present on behalf of its clients the incentives managed by the Andalusian Energy Agency.

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