Air Conditioning

Instalaciones Arroyo offers the best advice to install the air conditioning equipment that best suits your needs. Splits, multisplits, reversible heat pumps, chillers.

Air conditioners mostly use electrical energy for their operation and are currently used both for cooling in summer and heating in winter.

The regulation and control systems: thermostats, chronothermostats and domotic installations, allow us to regulate and control the temperature as well as to zone it.

Air conditioning does much more than simply cool the air. In addition to providing the perfect balance of temperature, air and humidity, it also purifies the air, so you can enjoy perfect comfort levels all year round.

However, rising electricity prices and environmental concerns mean that the air conditioning system must also be energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

For this, Instalaciones Arroyo advises the installation of an air conditioning system with heat pump that offers a complete all-in-one solution to maximize performance and energy efficiency and thus protect the environment in which we live.

These heat pump air systems are intelligent and include room-specific controls. They also have a weekly programming function and presence sensors to reduce energy consumption when no one is at home.

Quiet, stylish and design units.

A wide variety of wall, floor and recessed ceiling units are available on the market to suit any interior space. The units operate almost unobtrusively, maintaining perfect habitability conditions.

Perfect for new homes and renovation projects.

Heat pump air systems are ideal in either home renovation or new construction projects. They are installations that will last for many years and provide reliable operation regardless of the climatic conditions encountered.

Instalaciones Arroyo is a pioneer in the installation of all types of air conditioning and air conditioning equipment in general.

These are some of our latest installations of Air Conditioning equipment.

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