Underfloor air conditioning

Instalaciones Arroyo provides solutions for underfloor heating and air conditioning in both new construction and renovation.

Underfloor heating provides some advantages such as the elimination of the need to clean the dirt accumulated in the radiators and pipes as well as stains on walls due to the effect of hot air. Dust is not generated and therefore there is no movement of dust so that people affected by allergies enjoy a cleaner environment.

Underfloor heating systems allow the entire surface of the house to be used to heat each room and generate a pleasant and healthy environment.

It is possible to use different heat sources, but it will be more efficient with renewable energy sources (installation of solar panels, biomass or Aero thermal heat pump).

Underfloor heating systems improve the quality of the environment and provide a pleasant comfort.

The use of an underfloor heating system in combination with renewable energy sources allows energy savings of up to 90% compared to conventional heating systems.

A fundamental part of the Invisible Underfloor Heating is the highest level of comfort provided by the control system.

Instalaciones arroyo will advise you to choose the best option to control your installation, so you can manage it from home or from anywhere you are through a mobile application or internet.

In Instalaciones Arroyo we are specialists in this type of installations combined with solar energy, aerothermal heat pump and biomass. We work with leading brands such as Uponor, Daikin, Rotex, Panasonic, lg and Airzone.

These are some of our latest installations of Air Conditioning equipment.

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