Plumbing Installations

Instalaciones Arroyo is a plumbing and air conditioning company serving the entire province of Malaga.

We carry out plumbing projects and installations, using classic materials such as copper or iron and the latest generation materials such as the healthiest and most efficient plastic pipes.

We carry out installations and repairs of water pipes in general.

We carry out integral projects, always offering personalized advice, making calculations adjusted to the needs of your installation.

Among the plumbing activities we offer are the following:

  • Plumbing installations for residential, commercial, hotels and industrial uses.
  • Sanitary and Faucet Installations.
  • Installation of shower enclosures and bathroom accessories.
  • Pressure and Pumping Group Installations.
  • Installation of water tanks.
  • Installation of water heaters, water heaters and other water heating systems.
  • Installation of water softeners.
  • Installation of Sewage and Septic Tanks.

We ensure the start-up and regulation of all installed equipment.

Here you can see some of our latest Plumbing Installations

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