Sanitary Hot Water

We install gas heaters, electric water heaters, solar equipment, boilers (gas, oil and biomass) and heat pumps of the best brands in the market to generate domestic hot water.

Among the devices that provide instantaneous domestic hot water, we find two types:

  • Gas water heaters.
  • Electric heaters.

Both devices are characterized by their compactness, small size and low consumption, since they only consume energy when there is a real demand for domestic hot water.

There are also devices that offer the possibility of producing domestic hot water and heating in the home:

  • Mixed instantaneous boilers.
  • Accumulation boilers

All these domestic hot water production options can be combined with renewable energy support, such as solar thermal, biomass and aerothermal energy. In this way you will obtain great economic savings on your bills and contribute to the conservation of the environment.

Instalaciones Arroyo is an approved company to carry out controls and maintenance against Legionella in hot water installations.

Here you can see pictures of some of our latest hot water installation jobs.

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