Instalaciones Arroyo installs Aerothermal systems based on air-water heat pumps that use the energy of the environment to convert it into cooling, heating and domestic hot water.

The system consists of two units, an outdoor unit with all the necessary elements to absorb the energy from outside air and an indoor unit that has a hydraulic module with different variants depending on the required benefit: air conditioning or DHW service.

This system protects the environment and favors energy savings.

The efficiency of Aerothermal equipment is usually approximately 450% compared to a conventional gas or oil boiler with efficiencies between 90 and 110%.

The advantages and benefits of these systems compared to other traditional systems, such as biomass or diesel, are very significant.

1. Maintenance free
Aerothermal equipment does not have a burner or combustion chamber, so no waste is produced that would require cleaning or maintenance operations.

2. Installation is simple
It occupies the same space as a wall-mounted boiler, but with the advantage that no fuel storage tank or buffer tank is required.

3. No chimney is required
As the hydraulic module is connected to a thermodynamic unit located outside the house, it does not require a flue, thus eliminating the architectural impact of a chimney on the facade or roof of a house.

4. Security for the family
In the absence of a storage tank for fuel such as gas, diesel or biomass, the risk of a domestic accident is nil. In addition, aerothermal energy does not produce polluting emissions.

5. Fuel quality
The aerothermal heat pump is powered by electricity. This energy is of constant value and characteristics throughout the year, whereas the energy (or calorific value) of a fossil fuel or biomass can vary depending on the quality or supplier. This leads to a loss of performance and higher energy and economic expenditure.

6. Autonomy in energy supply
To operate an aerothermal heat pump, only an electrical connection is required. An oil, LPG or biomass boiler needs its fuel storage tank to be fed at a certain frequency depending on the energy consumption of the heating system..

7. Yields higher than 100%.
The instantaneous efficiency of a heat pump, in heating mode, is measured by the COP. These values are very high, so much so that they exceed 100% of the performance of the aerothermal heat generator. As an example, a COP value of 4 means an efficiency of 400%, i.e. for 4 kW produced, only 1 kW is paid for and 3 kW are free. This is because there is a recovery of free energy, that contained in the outside air. In a traditional boiler, since there is no energy recovery, its efficiency will never exceed 100%.

8. Reversible heat generator (3 in 1)
A single generator and three applications: heating, domestic hot water and cooling. This clearly leads to simplicity of installation and a reduction in the number of air conditioning units in the house.

9. Perfect adaptation to the power required by the installation
The compressors of current aerothermal heat pumps are of the Inverter type. This means that they have a wide range of modulation, being able to work from 8% to 100% of their capacity, values very difficult to achieve by a traditional boiler.

10. Unlimited heating return temperature
As there is no combustion in an aerothermal equipment, no water vapors are produced that could cause condensation and deterioration of the equipment. For this reason, not only is there no return temperature limit, but it is also recommended that aerothermal units work at the lowest temperature possible, since this way their performance (COP) increases rapidly;

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