Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Photovoltaic solar energy: It consists of the use and transformation of the energy we receive from the sun into electrical energy.

Solar radiation reaches the photovoltaic modules,

producing an electric current that can be consumed directly, stored in batteries or adapted to be fed into the power grid.

One of the main virtues of photovoltaic technology is its modular aspect, and it is possible to build everything from huge photovoltaic plants to small rooftop panels.

Solar photovoltaic technology can be installed as follows:

Isolated installation, without access to the electrical grid. This is very useful in towns where it is difficult to make this type of connections. The electricity generated is used for self-consumption. In this case, it is necessary to install batteries to the system in order to accumulate this generated energy and thus be able to consume it.

Installation connected to the network. In this case, the electricity generated by a photovoltaic system can be fed into the grid as if it were a power plant. The producer continues to buy the electricity consumed and separately sells what is produced. This type of installation has meters to measure the energy produced and sent to the grid.

In this way, sunlight is transformed into electricity in a clean and safe way. In addition, the life of photovoltaic systems guarantees a period of operation estimated at about 30 years, and their yield after 25 years of use is above 80%. It should also be noted that the materials used in photovoltaic panels (silicon, glass, aluminum, etc.) can be reused, as they can be recycled once their useful life is over.

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