Solar Thermal Energy

Solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, aerothermal energy and biomass are some examples of renewable energies with zero or very low environmental impact.

Solar energy, as its name suggests, is the energy that comes from the sun. Thanks to it, we obtain heat and electricity. The main ways to take advantage of the sun’s rays are through different types of solar panels: photovoltaic panels transform sunlight into electricity. Solar thermal panels use solar energy to generate heat for your home. Thermoelectric plants are mainly used to heat water, although they can also be used to heat food or for heating.

Among the advantages of solar energy, in addition to being a clean and renewable energy, is that it can be used in areas where there are no electricity lines (rural areas, for example), or that it is easy to maintain. It does not require much space (the panels are installed on the roofs) and only an initial investment is required, since we will not need fuel for its maintenance.

It must be taken into account that, depending on the season of the year or our geographical location, there is more or less sunlight, so solar panels alone are sometimes not enough, so it would be necessary to complement this way of obtaining energy with other systems.

Instalaciones Arroyo installs the solar equipment that best suits your needs.

Solar thermal energy: Harnesses the energy received from the sun to heat a fluid circulating inside a collection device. This energy can be used for air conditioning of buildings and swimming pools, hot water production or industrial applications.

Within the solar thermal equipment we can distinguish 2 classes. Forced and thermosyphon equipment.

The main difference is that the thermosiphon works by inertia and does not need electricity and the forced one works with a pump that moves the heat transfer liquid through the pipes from the plates to the accumulator, these equipments use a control unit that controls the installation.

The most widespread applications of solar thermal energy are domestic hot water heating (DHW), underfloor heating and water preheating for industrial processes.

Other applications are water heating for swimming pools and emerging uses such as air conditioning or solar cooling by feeding absorption pumps.

Instalaciones Arroyo is a company approved by the Junta de Andalucía and collaborates with the current programs of sustainable construction and energy development in Andalusia.

We will take care of advising, processing and discounting the incentive for your biomass and solar energy installation.

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