Swimming Pool and Spa Climate Control

Who hasn't ever thought about extending the swimming season in their pool?

There are different ways to heat your pool water. Instalaciones Arroyo wants to inform and advise you in choosing the system that best suits your needs. Take advantage of the convenience of having a pool at home with a pleasant temperature practically all year round.

From electric heaters, heat exchangers and heat pumps to solar heating systems are the most common methods used to provide an adequate temperature for your pool.

To extend the swimming season, Instalaciones Arroyo installs the different pool heating systems available in the market:

Thermal Blanket

This heating system is one of the most economical with the disadvantage that it works from the beginning of the season when the outside temperature starts to be higher. They are generally installed to maintain the heat of water already heated by other heating equipment.

The operation of the thermal blanket is very simple, we only have to install it on the waterline of the pool by adjusting it to the pool walls.

Electric Heater

Its installation is very easy, just connect it to the return pipe on your filtration equipment.

Electric heaters allow you to heat your pool water all year round. Depending on the geographical area, they are suitable for pools up to 68 m3 and above ground. Very easy to install, simply insert it into the pool’s filtration system. Pool build-up is achieved in approximately 2 to 5 days with the continuous filtration mode program. The operation of this system consists of a titanium heating element that heats the water when it comes into contact with it.

The power consumption of each model is the same as the power, for example the 3Kw model consumes 3000 W, this means that although the initial investment is lower than other devices, it may be less profitable due to its high power consumption. However, the performance is not bad at all, they are able to heat approximately 1ºC for every hour of operation.

Heat Exchanger

This device is installed on the conventional gas, oil, biomass or electric boiler that you use for heating your home and domestic water. Installation is very simple and the cost is relatively reasonable, although not all boilers are designed to support this system. It is very important to make sure that your boiler is powerful enough to support this new load. The heat exchanger is an excellent solution if the pool is not too far from the boiler installation, it usually takes about 2 days to increase the water temperature.

Heat Pump

Air conditioning by means of heat pump is the most recommended since it has a much higher coefficient of performance than the previous systems. They are able to heat the water of your pool taking 80% of the energy from the air with a minimum consumption of electricity, producing up to five times more energy than consumed, i.e. a pool of 50m3 would cost us approximately 2 € per day to heat it.

This system allows to heat the water by using the hot air. Its installation consists of a simple connection to the water circuit and the electrical current of the pool. Among the various advantages, we can highlight its high performance, since it multiplies from 2 to 6 times the energy consumed (it transforms 1kw/h to 2 or 6 kw of heat). With the heat pump, the water heating process takes 2 to 5 days (continuous filtration) and can be adjusted by a manual or digital system.

Solar Energy

It consists of a closed circuit that heats the water using solar energy. The solar collectors are installed close to the pool, well positioned and facing the sun. The water is pumped to the solar panels that return the hot water to your pool. It is recommended that the surface of the panels be 50 to 75% of the surface of the pool. This system ensures the extension of the bathing season from April to October, since the free solar energy that can be captured is comprised between these months. This system has a high initial cost, but it can be profitable if used in a region with good insolation and high outdoor temperature.

With this system we will heat the water only with the sun, different models of solar heating allow us to heat our pool in the most economical way. The operation is very simple, the panels absorb the sun’s energy to transform it into heat and heat the water that circulates through the filtration system.

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