Water Treatment

Instalaciones Arroyo offers specific products for the water treatment of your pool and spa.

Providing you with the most appropriate water control and treatment methods so that your pool always enjoys optimum quality, with guarantees for your health and the environment.

There are different systems for the treatment of swimming pool water: Saline Chlorinator, UV Treatment, Chemical Products, pH Regulator, Control and Dosage.

Salt chlorination treatment keeps the pool clean through a process of electrolysis (decomposition of a substance by electric current) that converts common salt (sodium chloride), previously added to the water, into an active disinfectant (sodium hypochlorite).

The treatment of the water of your pool is of vital importance to keep the water in optimal conditions for swimming and to maintain the useful life of your pool.

Within the processes for the maintenance of our pool water, we find the saline coloration is one of the most outstanding, thanks to its functionality, low cost and automation.

The saline chlorination is a process that turns the pool into a real closed circuit where with the elements present in it and in a natural way we can disinfect it in a controlled manner.

Salt chlorinators produce chlorine in a natural and controlled way avoiding over dosing, the disinfectant power of salt chlorinators is outstanding thanks to its double action which eliminates chloromines and microorganisms that are not eradicated by conventional chlorination.

On the other hand, the automation of the mechanism facilitates the task of maintaining the water in your pool in optimal conditions, without the need to store a large amount of chemicals that are highly dangerous, or to make mistakes in the dosage of these to achieve a disinfected water free of microorganisms.

Their practical operation and economical installation are also advantages that suggest that salt chlorinators are a very wise choice to save not only time but also chemicals.

Benefits of salt chlorination

Salt chlorinators are capable of producing chlorine in a natural way thanks to salt electrolysis which produces chlorine from sodium chloride present in the water.

This process is not only environmentally friendly but also extremely economical and reliable, although it is always advisable to implement measuring devices to maintain control over the pH and chlorine levels.

It is important to emphasize that the salt chlorinator not only produces chlorine but also generates through its electrolysis process several anti-bacterial oxidizing agents such as oxygen and sodium hydroxide.

Instalaciones Arroyo will advise you to maintain the water of your pool in optimal conditions of health, hygiene and comfort.

Here you can see some of our latest works of installation of water treatment and filtration systems for swimming pools.

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